Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Blogosphere Breeds Cannibals

I saw a short post in Scripting News reacting to a column in the Wall Street Journal. This is the only way I can be coaxed into reading any editorial page. Like most people, I routinely avoid that section. I assume SN searched on the word blogosphere and thereby found this opinion piece. SN's comment is kinda dumb, I think. What one would expect from a computer geek. But let me quote the sentence in question from the column:

I don't think the blogosphere is breeding cannibals.

Well, I disagree! Of course the blogosphere is breeding cannibals. And many other things that probably wouldn't have grown and ripened without the Internet serving as an enabler. The Internet is a breeding ground for many things good and bad, as it allows just about anything to develop at a faster, quickening pace.

The Internet has raised the stakes. Everything breeds--including cannibals and tribbles. Working together, online librarians, for example, can learn from their peers and create better libraries within a compressed time period. But the Net allows for a greater potential of evil as well. Just as in the offline world, not everything that dies early is bad, and not everything that thrives is good. Let's recognize that fact of online life. Things fall together. The center can hold.

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