Tuesday, May 09, 2006

ALA Censors Scott Savage

Scott Savage, the conservative Ohio State University librarian who recently ran afoul of liberal professors who didn't care for his book suggestions, has now apparently been censored by the American Library Association.

According to the article at WorldNetDaily, ALA agreed to publish a column by Savage in its entirety within the pages of American Libraries. But that invitation was rescinded as Savage was asked to cut it in half or it wouldn't be published. So WorldNetDaily published it themselves.

I don't think I'm being too speculative when I suggest that there are a few at ALA who can tolerate criticism and opposing viewpoints but most of the people with real power can't. Hence the overturned decision on the column once the higher-ups got wind of it.

It's a well-written piece. I'm impressed by Savage's writing skills. ALA's self-inflicted wounds make it an easy target. It needs to plot a moderate political course for the benefit of its members and librarianship in general. It's sad to see what it has become in recent years.

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