Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bloggers Tip Over AP

Some sort of Tipping Point has arrived. The news that the Associated Press has entered into an alliance with bloggers seemed unimaginable just a couple years ago. This is a recognition by the mainstream media of 2 things:

1. They're in trouble
2. Bloggers possess value

I recently completed a survey by a library organization asking where I get my news and what sources I read to stay on top of developments. The answer is from blogs. My news aggregator is filled with Library 2.0 and Web 2.0 bloggers who keep me up to speed on what's up. The best information delivered the fastest to my desktop comes from bloggers. Many of the best and brightest in many industries have their own blogs and they are the ones who need to be followed.

The daily newspaper is something given away for free at the subway station entrances and I find it useful for reading cartoons and who's in town at the trance clubs. The news in those papers is often something I already read on the internet at least a day previously. And not only did I already read all the stories of interest to me, but I probably read some comments about those articles on somebody's blog as well.

Many bloggers are better at journalism than those who are paid to write it for newspapers. The blogosphere has shown that reading, say, the front page of the Washington Post is not much different than reading, say, the Daily Kos. The most prominent feature of today's journalism is advocacy and the furthering of an agenda. Not coincidentally, that's what most bloggers do as well.

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