Friday, May 19, 2006

BookExpo America: Blog 2.0


The panel of "Blog 2.0: How Blogs Continue to Re-define Author, Publisher and Reader Dynamics." BookExpo America, May 19, 2006. From left to right: David Wilk, Dan Burstein, Anna (pronounced "Ahnna") Marie Cox, Markos Zuniga, Kyle Crafton, and Michael Cader.

Dan Burstein mentioned that books about blogs don't sell as well as they should. Bloggers don't participate that much in the print world. He suggested blog books should be targeted at people in the print media who want to learn about blogs.

Michael Cader defined a blog as a website that showcases an individual voice. If you don't have an electronic voice in today's world, you're not being heard.

Anna (pronounced "Ahnna") Marie Cox, who I was looking forward to seeing in person because she's kinda hot, only spoke for a few minutes about joining and her book deal.

Markos Zuniga (Daily Kos) said blogging identifies good voices and the strongest voices in a niche.

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