Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cooper Dumped Brooklyn for DC

Ginnie Cooper, newly-hired director of the DC Public Libraries, said in today's Washington Post she left the Brooklyn Public Library early because of the "compelling" opportunity of building a 21st century library in the nation's capital. The controveries swirling around her in Brooklyn had nothing to do with her decision, she said.

Cooper's salary will be almost double that of her predecessor. Questions remain about her attempt to take a $20,000 "business" trip to Asia, the decision to shut down a branch library for 4 days after an altercation between users, and taking more than 6 (!!) weeks vacation not allowed by her contract. Whew!

Her explanation for leaving Brooklyn defies credibility and I have to wonder how many people actually believe her. I'm also not hearing answers to the questions raised in this and previous stories about her tenure in Brooklyn.

As for DC's role in all this, who can say they have any confidence in their decisions--hiring or otherwise?

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Anonymous said...

Looks to me like she's sold her soul for the new job. She’s agreed to agree with Mayor Williams on the stupid idea of leaving the MLK Central Library in DC and turning it over to developers. She’s going along with ideas and proposals of the people who are promising to pay her salary, and she’s getting out of a difficult situation in NYC.

Interestingly, she refurbished an old central library once before so she’ll really have to brainstorm as to why we can’t renovate the present library. Seems to me that renovating MLK makes much more sense and is more cost effective than building a new building from scratch.