Saturday, May 27, 2006

Oh Oh 2.0

John Battelle is attempting damage control over the Web 2.0 Service Mark flap, and has admitted sending a legal letter to an Irish nonprofit with their own 2.0 conference was a mistake. Tim O'Reilly, Battelle, said, is offline and "on a boat in the middle of a very big body of water" so therefore can't comment on any of this right now!

Yesterday I wondered aloud about the fate of "Library 2.0." Michael Casey, who coined the term, has now said that he considers it in the public domain.

Here is the Google Trends graph for "Library 2.0" from January through April 2006:

Google Trends: Library 2.0 with Quotes

For comparison, here is the graph with both "Library 2.0" and "Web 2.0" for January through April 2006:

Google Trends: Library 2.0, Web 2.0 with Quotes

Something tells me that red line will shoot up considerably after the May stats are in.

Interestingly, of the other "little" 2.0s--Identity, Law, Media, Advertising, and Democracy--none has enough traffic to show up on a graph.

Sometimes Google Trends gives different results if you include quotes around a term with more than one word.

Well, I think I've edited this post enough for one lifetime.

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