Saturday, June 03, 2006

eBooks As Best Sellers?

I often like to peruse the Best Seller lists of Amazon and the New York Times, and I wonder if we'll see eBook versions of books dominating these lists someday?

The NYT divides its Best Sellers between "hardcover" and "paperback" books. But maybe in the days ahead they'll add an "eBook" version list as well, due to rising sales.

The types of eBooks currently selling are science, computer and reference titles, if I'm not mistaken. But is crossover into the kind of titles beloved by the average leisure reader coming?

Stephen Abram suggests this is the case, because Harlequin (of all publishers!) is expanding its eBook program.

A short notice in Library Journal mentions that Harlequin began its eBook project last Fall and the response has been "overwhelming."

Harlequin's Web site suggests to its customers: "Imagine being able to carry 10 Harlequin books in your purse at all time! Download your favorite eBook from Harlequin onto your computer, PDA or reading device today."

And apparently that's what people are doing.

Project Gutenberg
and the World eBook Library are ganging up to provide access to 300,000 eBooks online at the World eBook Fair's Web site this summer.

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