Thursday, June 15, 2006

Google's Federal Search Engine

Google has launched a new U.S. government Web site.

It is similar to FirstGov, but offers personalization features. After logging in, you can click the "add content" button and select from a list of subjects.

One would think that a giant company like Google, the leader in online search, will blow the doors off FirstGov, if for no other reason than that you would always expect a for-profit business to produce a better product than government agencies, which usually aren't thought of as very efficient, or having reputations for producing quality results.

But the current iteration of Google's "U.S. Government Search" doesn't look impressive and seems to be riding the popular wave of personalized Web pages. But as I said before, Google likes to begin humbly and end proudly, so maybe the site will eventually become much better. But is that Google's intention for it? As for now, it will rely on Google's name to build up an audience.


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