Friday, June 16, 2006

Library Director Fired for Refusing a Hug

No one is really saying why Jo Ann Pinder was fired as Director of the Gwinnett County Public Library (GA).

The Gwinnett County Public Library Watch says it was an attitude problem:

"Jo Ann Pinder's inability to accept the role of humble public servant. If she had been more cooperative and respectful with past and present board members this would not have happened."

But according to an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Pinder was fired for refusing a hug:

During the meeting Monday, board member Brett Taylor cast the lone vote in favor of keeping Pinder as library director. Based on conversations with fellow board members, Taylor said Wednesday he thinks an incident at a May budget workshop was the "nail in the coffin that turned the tide" against Pinder.

Pinder attended the May 15 workshop even though days before she had suffered a serious back injury. Taylor said board member Dale Todd went to hug Pinder after walking into the meeting late, but Pinder stopped her.

"Jo Ann said, 'Dale, please don't touch me,' " Taylor recalled.

So the moral is, if you're a public library director and you want to keep your job, hug the board members, at the very least. Another "people" problem.

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Anonymous said...

A good lesson for librarians with back trouble.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, in NH it's SIMPLE BATTERY to touch someone without their consent. Since when is it okay for a board member to demand a hug from a subordinate. That's sexual harassment.