Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Library Reverses on Spanish-Language Books

The Gwinnett County library board (Georgia) will reverse its previous decision to halt funding for Spanish-language adult fiction books, according to a news article. I had written about this situation previously.

Apparently the negative publicity on a national scale changed their minds.

Bill Roa of Duluth, who took issue with the decision to cut the books, said he was happy to hear of the board's apparent change of heart. But Roa, a Colombian-American, said the board should consider adding books in other languages, such as Bosnian and Hindi.

Well, that would only be fair, I think. If you have speakers of Bosnian and Hindi in your community, and you make a decision to provide materials in some selected languages, why not all? Fairness would demand that Gwinnett find out all the foreign languages spoken in their community and purchase some materials in every one of them.

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