Thursday, June 01, 2006

Newspapers to Pay for Blog Content

A deal is in the works in the UK for newspapers to buy the syndication rights of blog posts. The graph of the collaboration between the mainstream media and bloggers is showing a steep incline.

The current situation: the media is in trouble; bloggers possess value. More and more newspapers include bloggers and blog content on their Web sites. But in-house blogs aren't the answer for the media's headaches because that is just more of the same. Bloggers = journalists, so they will be paid like journalists in the future.

A growing divide in blogs will continue--those written informally and unseriously just for fun and those written with an eye toward professionalism and profit. More bloggers will opt for the latter choice, and the overall quality of posts will improve because bloggers will take more time in an attempt to appear more worthy of redistribution. Economics will win the day.

As I mentioned previously, many bloggers are better at journalism than those who are paid to do it. Those bloggers will rise to the top, powered by their superior writing/analytic skills, knowledge, energy, motivation, industry contacts, and so forth. I predict in the near future, some bloggers will make a pretty penny for their thoughts.

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