Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Study Confirms Little Overlap Among Search Engines

A new study has found little overlap among search results on the first results page of 4 major engines: Google, Yahoo!, MSN Search, and Ask Jeeves:

Findings show that the percent of total results unique to only one of the four Web search engines was 84.9%, shared by two of the three Web search engines was 11.4%, shared by three of the Web search engines was 2.6%, and shared by all four Web search engines was 1.1%.

This small degree of overlap shows the significant difference in the way major Web search engines retrieve and rank results in response to given queries.

The paper is titled: "A study of results overlap and uniqueness among major Web search engines." Citation: Information Processing & Management; Sep2006, Vol. 42 Issue 5, p1379-1391.

Previous smaller studies also found little overlap in search results, one of them a study by Dogpile.

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