Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Little Library Music

Considering the growing acceptance of "noise" in libraries, I think it will soon come to pass that more libraries will pipe in background music to modernize and round out the modern library experience.

What kind of music would be appropriate would depend on the library, but generally, I expect the future trend of music in libraries to follow this pattern:
  1. Classical (Mozart, chamber music, piano concertos, etc.)
  2. Jazz/Big Band
  3. Classic Rock (50s, Elvis, Beatles)
  4. Modern Rock/Country/Rap
In other words, libraries will gradually move chronologically through the history of music--starting gently, lightly, and as unobtrusively as possible with classical music, and eventually moving to current sounds (depending on the library--some may well stay with classical or jazz if the music somehow fits in with the libarry's mission).

Probably 20 years from now it will be standard practice and expected by users that public libraries provide background music throughout most of the building--excepting "quiet rooms" of course.

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