Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bush Library Future Terror Target?

The George W. Bush Presidential Library is expected to be built in University Park, Texas, near Dallas. Will al Qaeda attempt to demolish it in a symbolic attack on Bush and his actions as president? That's the subject of an article in today's Dallas Morning News.

The very first paragraph is designed to scare local readers:
Terrorists will destroy the Bush library and take out most of the Park Cities at the same time. The question isn't if but when, says Sam Boyd, a Park Cities lawyer.
This lawyer doesn't seem to know anything about terrorists, despite his apparent background as a Green Beret! A much more likely scenario is given much further down in the story by a counterterrorism expert:

While anything can be a target, Andrew Teekell said terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda probably wouldn't waste their time attacking a presidential library, even with Bush's name on it.

"Certainly there would be some symbolic value there," said Mr. Teekell, a counterterrorism and security analyst at Stratfor, a private security-consulting firm in Austin. "But you probably wouldn't generate a lot of casualties."

And that's the key for those oh-so-religious followers of bin Laden: if a lot of innocent people aren't killed in the process, it just isn't worth doing.

Any terror attacks would be on a small scale and would likely come from local Muslims by way of anti-Bush graffiti, rocks thrown at windows, small bombs in trash cans, and so on.

Libraries really aren't worth al Qaeda's time. They would consider it a public embarrassment that they couldn't do anything worse than attack a library. Quite a comedown from 9/11. A terror target? Yes, but not for the big boys, but just the impressionable local Allah akhbar kids incited by their favorite imams.

The bigger question is whether this country should be built according to what we want or what al Qaeda and anti-western civilization groups want. To say a library shouldn't be built because of possible terrorist attacks means we should check with our enemies before creating anything. Our nation eventually will reflect them, not us, and our culture will follow.

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