Saturday, May 26, 2007

Blogging SLA Conference Again

Once again this year I'll be one of the official bloggers on the SLA Conference Blog. The conference is in Denver and I'll be there June 3-6.

Two keynote speakers have been invited: one is a serious commentator on modern society, and the other is a comedian. Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert cartoon, has earned plaudits for getting at the heart of many problems associated with today's business culture. Al Gore, a firebrand preacher of the Church of Global Warming Alarmism, will entertain us with his over-the-top "we're all gonna die" shtick and no doubt highlight some passages from his new highly-partisan book as well. I know he'll win a few laughs from me.

One thing I'll watch for over the course of the conference is if it devolves into some sort of ALA-lite Republican bashathon, or if that is restricted merely to the opening session wag. By inviting Bill Clinton (who reneged) and now Gore, I can only assume this is where the SLA folks are taking us--defenestrating the idea of a politically non-aligned association in favor of a liberal relative of ALA, although I can't imagine the point of doing that. I can't recall any prominent Republican as a keynote speaker, which I think would be mandatory now if SLA had any concerns about perceptions of its political leanings. Could be a watershed conference, no doubt about it.

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