Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Glitch in Google Book Search

Earlier I wrote about a glitch in Google Book Search. For example, when I type in the phrase "Homeland Security" Google returns roughly 5,000 hits--or so it says. But when I try to actually see those 5,000 hits, the results dry up after only 150 or so. What happened to the other 5,000 Google promised?

I had the opportunity to speak to a Google representative at the ALA conference in Washington, DC. She said it was a glitch and "they are working on it." She also corrected me on the notion (or wishful thinking on my part) that Google Books was a separate database from the main Google one. It isn't. They both draw from the same thing, she said.

I'm not sure how much some of the vendor reps really know about these things, but surely the people working on Google Books know very well about this problem and hopefully are finding a solution. It doesn't seem like a high priority, does it?