Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Glitch in Live Search Books

Earlier I wrote about some problems with Microsoft's Live Search Books. For example, if I type in a search and the results total, say, 750, Live will only give me 250 results and no more. Why is that?

I talked to a Microsoft rep at the ALA conference in Washington, DC. I told him about the 250 limit and he said someone else had mentioned it to him. "It's a bug," he said. It is a problem on Microsoft's end. It has nothing to do with the user's computer memory or anything like that. He said he was passing along the information to the appropriate parties and they would try to fix it.

Will Live include an advanced search page like the one Google Books has? He said yes, it was in the plans for some point in the future. He said they had just put up the copyrighted material from publishers within the past few weeks, suggesting maybe now some work would be done on these problems I mentioned.

As with Google Books, it just seems this isn't a high priority with them.