Thursday, June 07, 2007

Google Books Adds Big 10 Libraries

The Big 10 university libraries have signed on with the Google Book library project, adding a potential treasure trove of millions of new books to their database.

This announcement comes on the heels of Microsoft Live Search Books, Google's main competitor in this arena, adding copyrighted content from major publishers to its online library.

We now have these 2 giant skyscrapers--Google Book Search and Microsoft Live Search Books--adding new "floors" to their edifices as they race to ebook heaven. Will they ever join? Should they? Will one abandon the race--and its books--leaving the other as the sole victor? Or is it 2 separate forces forever, neither completely conquerable?

Metaphysical questions aside, these are heady (heavenly?) times for those of us (consumers and librarians) wanting more print books digitized and made available for full-text searching, for many reasons as I've outlined before.

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