Friday, April 18, 2008

World Domination As a Breeding Contest

The Vatican, somewhat ominously, announced recently that there are now more Muslims than Catholics in the world. A spokesman lamented that Catholic families are having fewer babies compared with Muslim families. A few years ago, Pope John Paul II encouraged Italians to have more babies and reverse the declining birth rate.

Vladimir Putin championed a 10-year program in Russia to reverse the slide in the birth rate by offering financial incentives. There are many more examples of leaders of western nations beseeching their citizens to have more babies.

In the current clash of civilizations, Islam is not considered a threat to the west because anyone perceives that it has a superior culture, or ideas that would be accepted by the west. Mohammed is a particular problem, and it is likely he will never be accepted by the west, his child bride being just one example. Islam is a threat not because of ideas but because of breeding. Muslims are moving to the west and outbreeding us. The endgame on the horizon says Muslims will outnumber those of a Christian and democratic heritage which would then be replaced with a Muslim/Sharia way of life.

It was recently announced in the news media that China and India will have the world's largest economies by the year 2050, outpacing the United States. China and India, not coincidentally, are the two most populous countries on the globe.

World supremacy, in terms of economies and cultures, is boiling down to a breeding contest, and the leaders of the western nations understand that they are on the losing side of it. As this outcome proceeds over the coming years, how far will western countries go it trying to reverse this outcome? Doing nothing more than beseeching the public to have kids isn't going to get the job done. But "interfering" with how people have babies and how many, in some sort of concerted, planned way, is viewed as against the western tradition. How far should governments go? Financial incentives? Much more than that?

If the idea is to retain supremacy and control, and keep China and India from becoming the new rulers of the world, reversing the birth rates would necessarily need to become the central issue for western democracies--more so than unemployment, social security, the economy, global warming, and so on. Future candidates for political leadership would need to voice detailed programs on how to compete--and win--in the modern world breeding contest. And any "revulsion" about initiating such programs would need to be overcome. A greater sense of urgency can be expected as 2050 marches ever closer, and as China, India, and the Muslims encroach further on western territory.

Will it happen? Is breeding the dominant issue of the next 40 years? Current trends tell us that those who breed the most inherit the Earth. How badly does the west want to hold onto power?