Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bugliosi Wants Death Penalty for Bush

Vincent Bugliosi, author of the new book, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder, appeared on the Alan Colmes radio show last night. He made it clear he believes Bush is guilty of the murder of 4,000 American soldiers fighting in Iraq, as well as 100,000 innocent Iraqis.

What penalty should Bush face? I’m not sure what the book says, but Bugliosi said he thinks Bush deserves “more than jail time” and “much more than impeachment.” And he wants Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and Condoleezza Rice on trial as co-defendants. They would be “pleading with the prosecutor to testify against Bush and get a better deal—instead of the death penalty, life in prison.”

Bugliosi recently advocated for the death penalty in a column at the Huffington Post, while also noting in passing that the decision would be in the hands of the jury.

But the longtime Democrat Bugliosi has problems with others on the right side of the political aisle as well. He opined that the most unpatriotic Americans of all are “these phony right-wingers,” meaning Rove, Cheney, and Rush Limbaugh, among many others, no doubt.

Back in 2001, Bugliosi, writing in the far-left journal The Nation, called Bush “perhaps the most unqualified person ever to become president.”

Bugliosi’s emotional and even unhinged opinions of Bush and prominent members of his administration led some callers to the Colmes show to question Bugliosi’s mental health. And Patti Thorn, a reporter for the Rocky Mountain News, said his new book would lead some to conclude that Bugliosi has lost his mind.

But no, this is not political at all, Bugliosi is eager to have the world believe. His only master and his only mistress “are the facts and objectivity. If a Democratic president did the same thing as Bush did, I’d have written the same identical book.” On the Colmes radio show, Bugliosi repeated almost word for word the first paragraph of his column at the Huffington Post, attempting to market himself as an honest broker of information with no political ax to grind!

He concluded by predicting that as a result of his book, there is a “very, very substantial likelihood that George Bush...will be in a courtroom prosecuted for murder.”

I’ll take this opportunity to predict that Bush will never be in a courtroom on trial for murder, nor should he be. I’ll opine further that Bugliosi has an irrational hatred of Bush and other prominent members of his administration—he thinks they should all be on trial for murder with the death penalty on the table!

Bugliosi’s opinions, unquestionably, are politically motivated, that much is clear despite his constant protestations, but has he gone insane as well? I think it depends whether he is “serious” or not. A lot of people and media outlets criticize Bush harshly, as Bugliosi enumerated in his column, but they back off at the last minute because it’s just politics with them. There is a lack of seriousness behind it all. If this is all just politics (as well as personal hatred) with Bugliosi, then he isn’t crazy. But if he’s serious, then yes, the guy has a mental disability.


Anonymous said...

But if truly believe that President Bush intentionally lied to Congress and the American people to get us to go to war with Iraq, what should happen? Wouldn't that make you angry and amazed that the media treats it like "just politics" and moves on to the next topic?

Steve Novak said...

What this once prominent writer/lawyer is suggesting is so outrageous, it makes Helter Skelter seem sensible. I predict that by the time this whimsical brain fart passes thru the bowels of the media (the colmes show included) Bugliosi will be considered a disgraced, discredited, lunatic. I’m sure Charles Manson is laughing his arse off! People like Bugliosi and Michael Moore are the reason America has seemingly lost its way. She is being ripped apart from the inside out by these unpatriotic, self-righteous, hate mongers. Shame on Bugliosi, he should be tried for treason and shame on Colmes for having him on his show (and obviously supporting the Book); Colmes should be on CNN or better yet, the Weather Channel.

Steve Novak

Orlando, Florida