Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Public Rejects Global Warming Price Hikes

The public is showing strong signs of being fed up with global warming scare talk. An amazing 90% of American reject the costs that are tied to the proposed Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act. Most Americans don't want to pay for the higher energy costs that act would force on them.

According to a recent poll, most Americans don't want to pay one penny more for gas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Most also reject spending more on electricity in the fight against the "planetary crisis" as Al Gore terms it.

These overwhelming numbers prove the public doesn't believe the global warming scare tactics of Gore and others. People have come to realize this entire scam is nothing more than a rifle scope aimed directly at their wallets. Green initiatives and anti-global warming efforts cost plenty of extra money, and as can be expected, minorities are particularly opposed to paying more to combat the so-called planetary crisis.

When it cost nothing, most people were willing to be led along the phony green path. Now that it's dawning on everyone that Gore and Company want them to pay through the nose, a different perspective about it all emerges, as this poll discovered. It was about the money all along, how about that.