Wednesday, May 14, 2008

SLA's Green Guiltfest at Seattle

You'll see it at the very bottom of this page:
Flying to Seattle for SLA 2008?
Would you like to purchase Carbon Offsets and help the environment? Use one of the calculators from NativeEnergy to discover your own CO2 emissions, or choose to offset any of the average CO2 footprints listed on their site. Go here for more information.
SLA is promoting Native Energy, a carbon offset private company. A much-quoted Los Angeles Times article ("Can You Buy a Greener Conscience") questions the entire concept of carbon offsets ("more hype than solution"), and quotes Native Energy's chief executive while detailing the link between that company and--guess who? Al Gore.

"If you really believe you're carbon neutral, you're kidding yourself. You can't get out of it that easily," said an expert from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, throwing cold water on the carbon indulgences.

Columnist Frank Pastore gave the lowdown on Native Energy while commenting on the Los Angeles Times article:
The problem is, Native Energy is only buying a small portion of these alternative energy suppliers but they're declaring a benefit as though they bought the whole thing. They buy a 1 percent piece of the action but claim 100 percent of the benefit.

That's like buying 1 percent of a racehorse and keeping 100 percent of the winnings. Not good.

Furthermore, Native Energy is buying little pieces of companies that are already designed and financed, then acting as though their investment was critical to the whole operation.

The offsets they sell aren't making, creating, or saving anything additional. So, in reality, buying offsets from Native Energy does nothing to benefit the environment.

But, none of this is about reality, anyway. It's all about caring, and compassion, and green guilt.
And it's also all about politics. Al Gore told us to do it, according to a recent SLA press release:
Former Vice President Al Gore spoke in Denver at the SLA Annual Conference...and strongly encouraged members and staff to...take action to help the global environment.
Enter Native Energy, Al Gore's pet carbon offset company. Enter the SLA initiative "Knowledge to Go Green." what is this association supposed to be all about anyway? Democrat politics? Wacko environmentalism? Guilt? Political correctness? Naivete? No, we're not hitting the nail on the head with any of these guesses, are we?

Am I the only one laughing over this Gore Virus that has infected SLA? Could be worse. Apparently no one at SLA HQ is friends with Lyndon LaRouche.

"Who cares about green, free wireless at SLA!" said Christina Pikas, proving the membership has more commonsense than the leadership.

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