Sunday, June 15, 2008

SLA Seattle Diary Part 2

Getting all set up and ready to go is half the battle at a conference. Leary arrives at his hotel at the appointed hour to check in. No, they're running late. The rooms aren't ready. Please come back in 45 minutes.

Leary places the care of his bag with the bell desk staff and heads outside. Down the street he sees the Pike StreetMarket and heads for it. Leary can't help but notice no one jaywalks in Seattle, a major cramp on his lifestyle. When was the last time he didn't jaywalk? Mnemosyne shakes her head.

At the market, people everywhere--locals, tourists. Inside, vendors selling things Leary doesn't want to buy. A sea of people traversing the narrow hallway. All Seattle is in here. He exits. Outside, more people walking in the street. A Starbucks store--1912 Pike Place. Singers singing in front of it. Why? Down further, a giant luxury ship moored in the harbor. People laying on the grass.

45 minutes have passed. Back at the hotel. Can Leary check in? No. They're still running late on getting the upper floors ready. Come back in 30 minutes. Leary returns to the convention center and enters the Info-Expo area. Lots of free food around the vendor booths. 30 minutes pass. Leary returns to the hotel. Check in now? But of course. With just a few minutes to spare before the opening general session begins. But he forgot to get his bag! He gives the ticket to the bell desk staffer and waits while others are given their bags and hand the staff money. Leary decides against his better judgment he must do the same.

To Be Continued

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