Monday, June 16, 2008

SLA Seattle Diary Part 4

Coffee & Seattle

Coffee and Seattle are like reggae and Jamaica. It's it the air you breathe. There are coffee shops everywhere--Starbucks, Seattle's Favorite, Tully's, and lots more. The scent of coffee, if you are really sensitive to it, is everywhere in the city--indoors and out. You can't escape it. Coffee permeates everything. Remove coffee and Seattle is a very different city. Probably a more ominous place.

Seattle Public Library

Leary's final verdict is a thumbs up. This is a fun place. Call numbers on the floor, a strange yellow escalator, unlevel floors. Leary doesn't see a problem, and he has seen some terrible libraries in his time. There are far too many bad library buildings out there. This isn't one of them.

A trip back to Pike Place Market for lunch. Potato & cheese piroshkies. Leary steps inside the Starbucks so he can say he was there. He buys a Starbucks t-shirt from one of the street vendors.

Back at the conference, all the seats are taken for Leary's desired presentation. It just wouldn't be an SLA conference without incompetent room assignments. Whoever is responsible for those is consistent, one must admit. A Web 2.0 social networking conference is a disappointment as well. Not many takeaways from that--an unexpected result, especially coming from people who use those sites all the time. Another disappointment was a war gaming presentation that required one to be a military veteran to get all the inside jokes. The presenter stopped in midstream (probably not a good war strategy) to switch from Windows to Mac and Leary joined others in making for the exit.

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