Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SLA Seattle Diary Part 6

Leary wonders when was the last time he ate 2 breakfasts in one day. Mnemosyne shakes her head. Undoubtedly at a previous SLA conference. It's all about the food. (Shouldn't SLA pay for Food Credits, like it paid for Carbon Credits? Imagine all the third world starving kids who could be fed with all the extra food unnecessarily offered and eaten here.)

OCLC breakfast update on their latest enhancements. IEEE breakfast on the latest news. People were given the wrong room number for this one. The Information Booth provided the correct number. Leary sits next to someone who doesn't belong in the room. Try the incorrect room number we were given for this breakfast, Leary counsels her!

Rain in Seattle, the place is finally living up to its reputation after a few days of sunshine. Long lines at the Cyber computers, luckily Leary left the Dell at home and brought a lightweight 2-pound Asus Eee so no need to wait in line.

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