Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SLA Seattle Diary Part 7

Space Needle

Leary probably picked the wrong day to visit the Space Needle. Ascending to the top, the wind was blowing very strong and cold, and he avoided pneumonia by the skin of his...skin.


Leary had entertained the thought that the people who work at the various Starbucks in Seattle must be experts at what they do and wouldn't make the same mistakes the employees at the DC area Starbucks do, but he was proved wrong. Ordering a Vanilla Bean frappuccino with no whipped cream, he watched in horror as the girl started spraying it on and he said aghastedly, "That's not mine, is it?" She then removed the cream she had put on and gave it to him. That's the same thing that happens in DC, Leary noted ruefully as he walked back to his hotel. So much for any romanticized ideas about the superior skills of the Seattle Starbucks employees. And it didn't even taste as good as the ones in DC! There is something strange at work here.

Sharepoint Presentation

Finally, a useful and interesting presentation, this one on Sharepoint 2007 and social networking presented by Microsoft people and a guy from Newsgator.


Leary is like a lot of people, apparently, and just doesn't get it. It seems pointless and useless. Leary believes the people who hype it are kidding themselves and just pretending it has any real value.