Thursday, January 28, 2010

O'Keefe: Right Idea, Wrong Approach

Conservative activist James O'Keefe wanted to record embarrassing video of Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu's office staff ignoring phone calls from constituents, according to his lawyer. He was arrested with others and charged with interfering with the phone system.

Landrieu's constituents have long been complaining that they can't get through to her office. She has become notorious for a special deal that gives Louisiana $300 million in Medicaid money in exchange for her health care bill vote.

Landrieu's shameful behavior, and the corrupt political system operating under the Democrat-controlled Senate and Obama's Administration, should be front-page news.

O'Keefe, unfortunately, seems to have taken the wrong approach. He should never have done anything illegal. And there is no need for that, since so much corruption and poor service to voters can easily be uncovered legally.

Update 012910: O'Keefe has posted a statement. It's up to the courts whether any laws were actually broken.

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