Sunday, February 28, 2010

Al Gore's Delayed Return

Where is Al Gore? He is at the New York Times, the flagship newspaper of the liberal media, defending as best he can his discredited global warming hysterics.

Why did he delay so long in responding? While he hid, his reputation took hits from formerly friendly quarters who are now fearful of associating themselves with someone who is an international laughingstock.

He hesitated so long because he had to. And he responded with an essay because it saved him from having to answer in-person questions. Gore has an "expert staff" of global warming enthusiasts who supplied him with his latest talking points. He had no choice but to wait for them to deliver something to him before he could issue a written statement.

And the statement itself is pure Gore. The advocacy of unproven science that fits his own personal goals garnished with a huge dollop of emotional attacks against his political enemies. When he mentioned media "showmen" I wondered if he wasn't talking about MSNBC's band of clowns, such as Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews. But no, he made it clear that he didn't mean them, but anyone and everyone at Fox News.

And what about the "science"? His scaremongering about vanishing polar bears, himalayan mountains and the Amazon rainforest were a deliberate attempt to falsely claim the "science is settled" when in fact it never has been.

The United National Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) gave special prominence to those scenarios in their notorious 2007 report.

Gore now finds himself facing the Institute of Physics, which issued a statement condemning the unscientific research handed down to the entire world from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia. Perhaps the IOP aren't real scientists, Al?

The corrupt IPCC certainly has no intention of backing down and has issued a statement standing behind its conclusions while announcing an "independent" panel to review its own procedures. Any such panel would naturally return a heavy indictment against them.

Gore has no choice but to ride out his climate change horse wherever it may tread. It isn't as if he can just walk away from it as he is inextricably bound to it more than any other person in the entire world.

But is he having second thoughts? Surely there was a time he once didn't doubt man-made global warming but his delay this time and his deliberate avoidance of uncomfortable questions is indicative of a former believer who now privately entertains serious doubts about his religion. And that must be difficult when you are the messiah.

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