Tuesday, February 02, 2010

DHS Releases Quadrennial Homeland Security Review

The Department of Homeland Security released its first ever Quadrennial Homeland Security Review (QHSR) today.

The purpose is to "outline a strategic framework to guide the activities of participants in homeland security toward a common end."

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson (Democrat), praised the report, and James Carafano, a conservative with the Heritage Foundation, called it "an incredible achievement."

There is no mention of the words such as "Islam" or "Muslims" but instead "violent extremism" is used.

Some Highlights:

Threats & Hazards
• High-consequence weapons of mass destruction
• Al-Qaeda and global violent extremism
• High-consequence and/or wide-scale cyber attacks, intrusions, disruptions, and exploitations
• Pandemics, major accidents, and natural hazards
• Illicit trafficking and related transnational crime
• Smaller scale terrorism

Global Challenges & Trends

• Economic and financial instability
• Dependence on fossil fuels and the threats of global climate change
• Nations unwilling to abide by international norms
• Sophisticated and broadly available technology
• Other drivers of illicit, dangerous, or uncontrolled movement of people and goods

The 5 DHS Missions:

Mission 1: Preventing Terrorism & Enhancing Security
• Goal 1.1: Prevent Terrorist Attacks
• Goal 1.2: Prevent the Unauthorized Acquisition or Use of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Materials and Capabilities
• Goal 1.3: Manage Risks to Critical Infrastructure, Key Leadership, and Events

Mission 2: Securing & Managing Our Borders
• Goal 2.1: Effectively Control U.S. Air, Land, and Sea Borders
• Goal 2.2: Safeguard Lawful Trade and Travel
• Goal 2.3: Disrupt and Dismantle Transnational Criminal Organizations

Mission 3: Enforcing & Administering Our Immigration Laws
• Goal 3.1: Strengthen and Effectively Administer the Immigration System
• Goal 3.2: Prevent Unlawful Immigration

Mission 4: Safeguarding & Securing Cyberspace
• Goal 4.1: Create a Safe, Secure, and Resilient Cyber Environment
• Goal 4.2: Promote Cybersecurity Knowledge and Innovation

Mission 5:Ensuring Resilience to Disasters
• Goal 5.1: Mitigate Hazards
• Goal 5.2: Enhance Preparedness
• Goal 5.3: Ensure Effective Emergency Response
• Goal 5.4: Rapidly Recover

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