Thursday, February 11, 2010

Liberal Media: Blizzards or Not Prove Global Warming

It doesn't matter if there is less snow, as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. predicted for Washington DC, or if there are historic blizzards of the kind visited upon the nation's capital this week.

It all equals global warming, and the liberal media and liberal scientists sing from the same climate change church hymn book. Their belief in the religion of global warming is as unshakable as Osama bin Laden's belief that God is a terrorist.

Time magazine, a true believer, tells us the freezing blizzards don't disprove global warming but are actually consistent with it.

With Al Gore hiding in his igloo until the snow melts, the New York Times exalts Jeff Masters, a meteorologist with a prominent blog, as their champion on the "science" of global warming. Quoting from his blog, the old Times notes that a recent government report (yes) concluded that in the coming years we will see more snow in the Northeast and less in the Southeast.

There you have it, from the leader of the old media, north is cold and south is hot, and the government, having spent your tax dollars, says so.

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