Sunday, January 23, 2011

AP on WikiLeaks Consequences

The Associated Press published a story today on the effects of WikiLeaks so far, written by one Raphael G. Satter.

Satter attempts to provide some analysis but really has nothing new to say. The article starts off by reminding everyone yet again that only 1 percent of the 250,000 secret documents in the possession of WikiLeaks has been published. Clearly, Satter and the AP want to see more--soon.

Here is the level of Satter's analysis. What have we learned from the 2,600 cables published so far? "It's shown how leaders lie," Satter opines. And not only that, "It's lifted the veil on international relations."

Satter laments that even though a handful of newspapers have held all the secret documents "for weeks, if not months," there seems to be no rush to publish more, and wonders whether they have gone through all the documents yet. You get the message: what are you all waiting for? Publish everything!

But never fear, Satter says, because WikiLeaks is still sitting on a "a huge archive of leaked data from nearly every country in the world" and Julian Assange said more material could be online within weeks. You can almost see Satter drooling at the prospect.

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