Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Dead Birds & Fish Defy Scientific Explanation

Massive numbers of dead birds & fish have now been found in many locations around the United States, Sweden, Brazil, Paraguay, New Zealand, Haiti, the UK, and Australia, with more countries likely to be added to the list.

The deaths defy scientific explanation. One theory bandied about is that the birds died as a result of the sound of loud new-year fireworks. But reports of dead birds haven’t been made in previous years around January. Why this year and not before?

The synchronization of so many bird and fish deaths suggests the intriguing possibility that a force unknown to science is at work.

Daphne Du Maurier wrote a short story called “The Birds” in 1952, in which birds deliberately attacked humans. The symbolism of the story suggested the birds represented communism attacking a democratic western world during the cold war after World War II. Alfred Hitchcock based his famous movie on this story (excising the cold-war symbolism).

In this current mystery we see the birds behaving in the opposite manner: instead of attacking us, they simply die, and we humans are mere spectators, not targets.

The second mystery, after the idea of an unseen and unknown force at work, is the possibility that the deaths portend some future event on a planetary scale, as the international nature of the problem suggests.

Many people see what they want to see here, and I find their theories less than compelling. The most prominent are pollution, global warming, the end times, and the like. The solution is elsewhere, and the scientific examination and testing of the bird corpses will not be fully enlightening.

Biologists claim mass die-offs happen almost every day and are unrelated. Only now with the internet do people pay attention, but clearly that doesn't explain why no one has noticed until just now.

Others say mass bird deaths are rare, and "science is struggling to explain these things."

The proffered explanations remain unconvincing.

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