Monday, January 24, 2011

Left Wing Groups Rally for Bradley Manning

Amnesty International is the latest left-wing organization accusing US authorities of "inhumane treatment" of Bradley Manning, the Army Private sitting in a brig at Quantico for passing classified documents to WikiLeaks.

Supporters of Manning from the leftist website firedoglake tried to deliver a petition protesting the conditions under which Manning is held.

There is nothing wrong with the treatment Manning is receiving, but left-wing activists have turned him into a cause celebre and embraced him as one of their own, ignoring the damage he has caused, such as placing individuals in personal physical danger around the world.

Manning's lawyers approve of all the fuss on their client's behalf. Many left-wing media outlets have published news stories alleging mistreatment as well, including the Washington Post, and many lesser-known sites with a Socialist outlook.

A similar strategy has been used in portraying the terrorists at Guantanamo Bay as victims of inhumane treatment. Any prominent figure on the left can expect the same sort of help from the left-wing crowd if such a fate should befall him or her.

A roll call of leftist groups can be seen at work here, as it may not have been obvious that groups such as Amnesty International are not unbiased but have their own partisan political agenda.

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