Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MI6 Denies Hamas Role

The British foreign intelligence agency MI6 has denied a new report from al-Jazeera that it "drew up plans to crush Hamas."

Some are questioning the legitimacy of the so-called "Palestine Papers" leaked to the Qatar-based news outlet.

MI6 called the allegations "ridiculous."

Supposing for a moment that MI6 did in fact assist in defeating Hamas, that would not be considered unusual. Hamas is recognized as a terrorist group by the UK, US, and the European Union.

It is the position of the United States to do everything it can to marginalize and defeat Hamas.

One would expect intelligence agencies around the world to join in and defeat all terrorist groups, such as those recognized by the EU, UK, and US.

Hamas is considered the major obstacle to peace in the Middle East.

Any serious peace proposal in the Middle East must include the destruction of Hamas.

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