Tuesday, February 08, 2011

HuffPost Deal: Drudge Next?

The Huffington Post is now part of AOL's empire and two questions are paramount in the minds of pundits:

1. Was it a smart deal for AOL? Is Arianna Huffington and her website worth the $315 million investment or will it turn sour?

2. Will Arianna stay on the left side of the political aisle or turn centrist, as she claims has been her recent trend? What's best for business?

Our impression is that Arianna was never really a liberal or a conservative, she's an Arianna.

Could we see more acquisitions of independent media outlets? Is Matt Drudge ready to sell? His site these days provides links rather than any original breaking stories and steers discussion to favored topics. Would Rush Limbaugh want Drudge for his website, or would Fox News have an interest?

Is Rush looking at Drudge or Free Republic and its staunchly conservative audience, or will he continue to go his own way and develop his website without acquisitions? Are sites like these coveted by media empires?

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