Thursday, February 27, 2014

NYT's Nervous Breakdown Over @GSElevator's Book Deal

The Twitter account @GSElevator was recently revealed to be someone by the name of John Lefevre.

The New York Times has breathlessly informed us of this guy's true identity and that he never worked for Goldman Sachs, despite committing the cardinal sin of telling an NYT reporter he did.

The NYT has now published, yes, an editorial about @GSElevator and his six-figure book deal with Simon & Schuster.

The problem? NYT says Lefevre is a "liar" with no credibility. That's their stated issue with the whole thing.

But that's not the real problem and doesn't explain why the NYT is having a tizzy fit over an anonymous twitterer.

The real problem is the fact that @GSElevator regularly criticized Obama, therefore marking himself as an enemy of the NYT and its own frenzied political stance on the far left.

As a side note, the NYT dishonestly lives off a reputation for journalism it earned long ago. By "long ago," I mean World War II. That was over half a century ago. The NYT is now a newspaper that slants news stories in the direction of socialism. That started around, probably, the time of the JFK assassination or thereabouts. It ignores what it doesn't want to report though in theory it should, and what it does choose to report is based on its politics. I can't think of anything more dishonest in a journalistic sense. As honest journalism, the NYT doesn't have any credibility. It has a reputation that it no longer deserves.

As for Lefevre, suppose he were a typical liberal of today. In other words, a socialist/communist hiding behind words like "progressive" or "liberal" until it is socially acceptable to call oneself a communist. Do you think for one moment the NYT would have the slightest problem with Lefevre or his lucrative book deal?

If he had been singing the praises of liberals, the NYT would laud him as a hero and tell us about his "fresh approach," and yadda yadda yadda.

The NYT is in the process of writing so much copy on this guy, they could write their own book about it. The "chapters" are coming fast and furious!

To me, the scribblings of the NYT reveal more about its own failings and shortcomings than anything about @GSElevator or the book publishing business.


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