Tuesday, March 04, 2014

20 Reasons to Take a One-Way Trip to Mars

The Mars One mission to colonize Mars will start blasting off with human crews in 2024. The trip is one-way. They're not coming back to Earth.

1,058 applicants have made it to the next round which will include rigorous simulations of space flight.

Why would someone want to leave earth forever? Here are 20 reasons for anyone thinking about taking the Mars plunge:

  1. Nothing else to do. 23% of applicants are unemployed.
  2. The wife. Some of the finalists are married.
  3. Think of the publicity. A reality show is planned.
  4. This is what you have to do to get noticed these days.
  5. You owe somebody a lot of money and can't pay it back.
  6. The grass is always greener on another planet, even a red one like Mars.
  7. You did something really bad, like murder, and would otherwise spend the rest of your life behind bars.
  8. Nobody cares if you're on this planet or not, so goodbye.
  9. Your life is agony and you need a permanent change.
  10. If it's broke and can't be fixed, run away.
  11. Because coming back to what you left would ruin what you did where you went.
  12. No more cable TV commercials.
  13. A great way to get into the history books if you have no skill or talent for anything.
  14. Leaving for good is the only way they will ever appreciate you.
  15. You're doing it for science, although the idea of leaving the people of this world pains you greatly.
  16. Mars is the new French Riviera.
  17. You'll spend the rest of your life with astronauts just as psycho and unqualified as you are.
  18. When the Earth blows up, you're safe.
  19. There's no intelligent life on this planet.
  20. Obama, Putin, Kim, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, China, Cuba, Congo, illegal people, Islamists, communists, serial killers, politicians, voters, criminals, wind farms, sharks, mosquitoes, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Hollywood, rain and snow.


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