Thursday, March 27, 2014

Top 10 Places for the Obama Presidential Library

Where should Barack H. Obama's Presidential Library reside? News reports list several places that would like to have it. I thought it would be useful to compile a list of the locations that make the most sense.
  • 10. Detroit, Michigan
    The most liberal city in the country, so it would be an ideological match for Obama. Detroit is a burned-out shell of what it once was, a testament to its unending psychological commitment to liberal policies no matter what price is to be paid. But its proximity to Chicago hurts its chances greatly.
  • 9. Trier, Germany
    There is no reason the library couldn't be located in a foreign country. Trier is the birthplace of Karl Marx. What better place for the books and papers of the president most closely associated with socialism? And Obama is more popular in Germany than in any other country on the face of the earth.
  • 8. Mecca, Saudi Arabia
    If Obama is a Muslim as some suspect, this city would appeal on religious grounds. Despite the observations of many that Obama doesn't seem to be particularly faithful in either a Christian or Muslim sense. Some books you would expect in the library probably would be banned but then, so what.
  • 7. Jakarta, Indonesia
    Obama attended school here as a kid. His popularity in this country is still favorable despite everything, and he's family to them since he has an Indonesian stepfather.
  • 6. Nairobi, Kenya
    This is the birthplace of Obama's father. Michelle once called it president Obama's "home country." A slip of the tongue? If they want to go back to their roots, and get away from the USA, what better place than Kenya.
  • 5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    If zeal among voters means anything in the battle for the library, Philadelphia has the inside track. In the 2012 presidential election, Mitt Romney garnered not one single solitary vote from 59 Philadelphia voting districts! Sure, there must have been some fraud, but then, fraud has a definite appeal to Obama and his Chicago coterie.
  • 4. New York City
    New York makes a lot of sense. Manhattan appeals to Michelle's sense of spending her life behaving as a "lottery winner" as we've seen since the 2008 election. She can rack up a lot of bills in New York while presiding over library events. It's suitably liberal in an extreme way. Not many conservatives to worry about so she and Barack would be among their socialist friends everywhere they go. It also means plenty of media attention whenever she wants it, and she'll want plenty of it.
  • 3. Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
    The Obama family has spent numerous vacations on this island retreat. Golfing, basketball, the social scene, dining out. It's a great place for a family that seems to be on permanent vacation, so why not build a library here as an excuse to never leave?
  • 2. Honolulu, Hawaii
    Obama was raised here as a teenager. But the real reason Hawaii is a front runner is because Michelle Obama would love to spend time here. She stayed in Hawaii for an extended Christmas vacation while Barack went back to Washington. It's expensive, remote, luxurious and not cheap. Those things appeal to the First Lady and may well trump all other considerations.
  • 1. Chicago
    Most cite this city because of Obama's history here. Chicago is where he held his first elected office. But that's not why this is the best spot for the library. Chicago leads the entire country as the city with the most golf courses: 347. And Obama has shown a stronger interest in golf than in anything else in this world. Welcome to Chicago, ex-president Obama.


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