Monday, June 23, 2014

My Upcoming Book "Queen of the Chess Cult"

My upcoming collection of short stories called "Queen of the Chess Cult and Other Stories" should be ready in a month or two. Here is a listing of the stories with a short summary. I'm still finalizing some of the titles. I could add or subtract one or two stories but this is the likely lineup for the book. No knowledge of the game of chess is needed. The stories are literary with aspects of other genres such as detective, science fiction, horror.

  • Introduction
    My ideas on the art of short story writing.
  • Queen of the Chess Cult
    The search for a beautiful queen who presides over a cult with a holy book listing the moves of the perfect chess game.
  • A Bowl of Stew
    A man and woman count down the progress of their dishes as the chef cooks them.
  • Klooster
    A sunny day at a lake house reclining in beach chairs with chess, sandwiches, beer, and a pretty girl.
  • Pawn Storm
    Falling from the sky are snowflakes like chess pieces.
  • The Chess Plague
    A plague devastates a town and especially its chess players.
  • The Old Player's Estate
    A chess player from the 1970s dies and his house and belongings are examined.
  • The Prisoner's Tale
    Terrorists capture a prisoner who explains his life story to his cellmate using chess pieces instead of words.
  • City of Chess Clubs
    A town with hundreds of distinctive chess clubs unlike anywhere else.
  • A Dimly-Lighted Cafe
    An old man waits vainly for chess opponents at a cafe.
  • The Man Who Gave Up
    A man gives up chess but is continually reminded of it.
  • The Screaming Cry of the Chessbird
    A giant bird terrorizes a metropolis.
  • The Unwrapping
    Friends unwrap gifts at a Christmas dinner.
  • The Infinite Chessboard
    This world is a chessboard whose squares change in size, number, and color.
  • Afterward
    My notes on the stories, their inspiration and so forth.

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