Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My New Book: Queen of the Chess Cult and Other Stories

My new book, "Queen of the Chess Cult and Other Stories" is now available as a Kindle ebook on Amazon. The print edition will be online soon.

Table of Contents:


Notes on writing short stories and the ideas behind this chess-themed collection.

Queen of the Chess Cult

The search for a beautiful queen who presides over a cult with a sacred book listing the moves of the perfect chess game.

Pawn Storm

Falling from the sky are snowflakes like chess pieces.

A Wasted Life

A man gives up chess but is continually reminded of it to his chagrin.


A sunny day at a lake house reclining in beach chairs with chess, sandwiches, beer, and a pretty girl.

The Chess Plague

A mysterious plague devastates a town and especially its chess players.

A Bowl of Stew

A man and woman enter a cafe and discuss their personal interests while waiting for their dishes to arrive.

City of a Thousand Chess Clubs

A town with many unusual chess clubs unlike anywhere else.

A Dimly-Lighted Cafe

An old man waits vainly for chess opponents at a cafe.

A Legacy for Jim Zorn

A chess player from the 1970s dies in a small Ohio town and the locals recollect what they knew about him.

The Prisoner's Tale

Terrorists capture a prisoner who explains his life story to his cellmate using chess pieces instead of words.

The Screaming Cry of the Chessbird

A giant bird terrorizes a metropolis.

The Unwrapping

Friends unwrap gifts at a Christmas dinner.

The Infinite Chessboard

This world is a chessboard whose squares change in size, number, and color.