Thursday, January 29, 2015

5 Great People To Meet At Starbucks

I’ve remarked before about the wrong kind of people you might meet in Starbucks. Now, a list of the Top 5 individuals I would enjoy seeing and interacting with when I walk into a café.
  • A Good Barista
The staff behind the counter can set the tone for a café and influence it in one direction or the other, good or bad, independent of anything else inside or outside the room. Fun it is to walk into a café and the barista already has my drink ready because she knows what I always order. The good barista knows how to interact with customers and often has something funny or witty to say. Some baristas know their regular customers as well as they know the menu.

  • A Good Talker
Someone near you speaks, and after hearing only a few words, you want to overhear, and you want to hear more. He knows stuff you want to know, he has a way of stringing together the right words in the right way that only a good conversationalist can execute. Few people follow this advice but if you’re gonna run your mouth in Starbucks, make it good.
  • Attractive People
It’s a rare pleasure to see someone hot visit the café. After all, this is DC, not Hollywood. This is assuming you aren’t married, or attached, or anything like that, otherwise I’m sure you don’t notice. So when someone whose physical appearance is well above the norm arrives like an apparition inside the café, many inside notice. A typical member of the mangy mob, this isn’t.
  • Police
I like the security aspect of a group of police nearby. Public cafes and the people inside, as I’ve remarked previously, are vulnerable to attack by criminals and terrorists. If the cops are between me and the door, that’s a few guns separating me from the bad guys. I marvel at how a group of police sitting next to me can talk among each other without my understanding what they are saying, even though I can hear every word.
  • An Unexpected Friend
You weren’t expecting to see a friend show up but one does, so you sit together and chat for a while. It’s something like finding a twenty dollar bill in an old pair of pants. An unplanned and unexpected positive event that brightens your day. We’re being positive here today, so I’ll leave off when someone you don’t want to see walks through the door.

Too often, intriguing folks enter the cafe, stand in line, order their coffee, add milk, and then march right back outside and away to somewhere else. Interaction with the right people is fleeting, transitory, momentary, insufficient.

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