Sunday, January 11, 2015

Obama's Upcoming Summit on Violent Extremism

President Obama has announced a global "security" summit aimed at preventing "violent extremism."

There was no mention of "Islamic" terror in the statement. Violent extremism around the entire world means only one thing: Muslim terror that currently plagues countless nations across the globe, such as France, England, Australia, Syria, China, Thailand, Philippines, India, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, to name just a few.

Political leaders need to stop hiding behind political correctness and say the name of "violent extremism" as it is: Islamist Terrorism. And the subject matter of this summit needs to be nothing except Islamist Terror. That is the problem that needs to be addressed. So far, Obama and the European leaders are running away from that.

President Obama has been running away from naming Islam as the source of worldwide terror since he took office. And this little news blurb indicates he still hasn't learned his lesson, not that that should surprise anyone at this point in his administration.

Are we seeing the end of the demonization of the anti-Islamization marchers in Germany? Are we seeing an end to pretending that worldwide terror is instigated by anyone other than Islamists? And are we still running away from calling the terrorists "Islamists" and pretending that isn't there religion?

Obama and the failed leaders of Europe don't give cause for optimism. They've already done plenty to damage and wreck their nations and their own citizens in favor of importing extremists and the social chaos resulting from those policies.

Obama's summit is likely to be nothing more than another exercise in the same political correctness that resulted in the Paris murders, as well as the terror preceding that in many nations around the earth.

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