Monday, January 05, 2015

The Top Spy Trends of 2015

Crystal ball time. But these days the slick surface of a smartphone is the new accessory for seeing into the future.

After a year of newspaper headlines and TV shows filled with spying, espionage, cyber wars and intelligence escapades, what's in store for 2015?

More of the same. No, neither the CIA nor the NSA is going away, despite the deepest wishes of the crazed left and America's enemies. Surely the "Legion of Doom" (Russia, China, North Korea) would love that.

Some trends and story lines to watch for in the coming year:
  • Foreign nations continue seeking ways around NSA spying, such as Brazil's undersea cable to Europe, low-tech options such as typewriters, handwritten letters, couriers
  • The White House continues to repair damage to friendly countries upset over NSA spying
  • US Congress attempts improved oversight on intelligence matters
  • Dianne Feinstein and the Senate Democrats, now in the minority, face off versus the Republican majority on CIA/NSA refor
  • The increased use of intelligence data aimed at destroying political opponents rather than fighting terrorists
  • Cyber Wars continue with major adversaries (Legion of Doom: China, Russia, North Korea) 
  • Growing acceptance of a measured military response to cyber attacks, an idea bandied about by Pentagon officials for several years, although I don't see any planes bombing Beijing anytime soon
  • Tit-for-Tat hacking between adversarial nations
  • A concerted effort at improved guarding of US secrets from cyber attacks from enemy nations such as Russia and China
  • Smaller, insect-size spy drones make an impact and efforts made to guard against their use by terrorists
  • Israel continues to request the release of Jonathan Pollard 
  • Julian Assange leaves the Ecuador Embassy in London
  • Additional revelations of secret information causing shock waves across the globe
  • Edward Snowden likely stays in Russia, no pardon in US, no flight options elsewhere
  • The likelihood of the emergence of new spy leakers like Ed Snowden who are sympathetic to privacy issues, anti-Pentagon, anti-CIA, NSA and so on

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