Sunday, February 15, 2015

Top 10 Reasons to Play Chess

  1. It's considered an almost honorable way to waste time.
  2. People assume you must be brainy--even if you're not.
  3. Try playing checkers without people snickering at you.
  4. You'll lose weight by not eating, since chess demands an obsession to it to the exclusion of everything else.
  5. You can add it to your LinkedIn profile and watch the job offers roll in.
  6. You can't possibly lose as much money as playing poker.
  7. You'll gain self-confidence by beating homeless people in the park.
  8. Chess is popular in jail, so you'll be ready if you go.
  9. Chess gives your brain a thorough workout, since you'll be memorizing thousands of openings, middlegames, and endgames.
  10. Girls admire guys who play chess, even though they hate the game.

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