Friday, February 27, 2015

Unearthly Entities Haunt Starbucks

A few times while drinking coffee in Starbucks, I've been struck by the odd feeling that something or someone was attempting to communicate with me. And that something or someone wasn't a fellow human being.

Most of the Starbucks I frequent include artwork on the walls. These are oversize photo prints illustrating scenes from the coffee industry. It isn't always clear where or what the photos depict, as there are no explanatory cards accompanying these framed photos.

One photo in particular has made what I can only describe as "attempts at communication" with me, as if it isn't simply an inanimate object on the wall, but a living entity. I look up at the photo at those times as if it is a person, as if it understands me and is trying to speak with me. But I find its mind impenetrable.

The "Haunted" Photo in Starbucks

This photo on the wall in Starbucks is a scene from what appears to be a lush green coffee bean farm, with 5 female workers wearing yellow straw hats and carrying rounded oblong yellow baskets while treading along a pathway up the mountain.

The 2 main points of this photo are the dominant green color of the coffee plants in the fields, and the yellow walkway extending diagonally from the lower left of the photo all the way to the upper right, slicing the photo in half, as it were.

The pathway is the most dramatic element in the picture. I suspect the photo “uses” that eye-catching feature to draw closer attention to it, and alert the viewer it is attempting “communication." In some indefinable way, the photo becomes more than a photo, the green fields become something other than a farm and the picture acts as a silent "siren," as if it wants to warn me of something. It is no longer a photo. It is something that demands attention--for something other than the scene it depicts. Something personal to me, not some faraway coffee farm.

The photo at rare times gives off this strange air of existing as something other than just a photo, as if it is alive in some way and it is pretending to be mere artwork. As if it is trying to communicate with psychic nonverbal communication with nothing more than the scene it depicts--not with words or gestures. It's just a photo on a wall, it can’t move or change. It is exactly as it is, so its communication must be by transmitting its intentions through its scene, somehow drawing the attention of me, the viewer, in ways not involving any movement or changes of its depicted image.

The photo doesn't pretend to be human, it pretends or appears or perhaps I could even say it reveals itself to be a living entity of some sort, and not the inanimate object one would assume.

The "attempt at communication" is brief and rare. That's why I've concluded it happens only under those singular circumstances when "something is going on” that is unknown to me but I need to be made aware of it, in its eyes. The picture knows what that something is, but I don’t.

I think back on the several times this has happened and struggle to figure out what may have transpired after I was alerted. But I have no answer. Nothing happened that I could see. Can I conclude then, that it isn't acting as a warning for me as I had thought?

But if not a warning, then what? A danger unknown to me is the reason for the alert, but I sense it isn't the sort of danger you would think of normally—a criminal bursting through the door with a gun or a bomb about to explode. It’s something else, perhaps something I can’t even understand.

I'm not saying Starbucks is haunted. I wouldn't go there if it was. I've felt this sort of thing outside far away from any cafe as well. There's much more to this story than the "living" photo that I'll discuss next time, including "pretend" people.

Apparently I'm the only person who sees or recognizes these phenomena, as everyone else in the café is blissfully oblivious to all of it. No matter the café, or the other people inside, no one but me sees through the outward façade presented by these nonhuman entities. It's another indication most people go through their lives oblivious to the crucialities all around them.

Having arrived at the end of this narrative I find myself condemned to a familiar place: no resolution, unanswered questions, dubious theories, and the truth remains inaccessible.

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