Tuesday, June 09, 2015

I Don't Need A Personal Library Book Embosser

I was going through some used books the other day and noticed some of them included a personal library book embossed stamp on the first page. And the books had been owned by a few different people.

It occurred to me at that moment that it had never occurred to me in my life that I might want my own book embosser so I could include one of those round stamps in all my books that said, "From the Library of Stephen Leary."

What's the value of such a stamp, I'm now wondering. Vanity? A way to claim ownership of the book so everybody knows it's mine, unless a thief steals it and tears off the embossed page?

After perusing Amazon, I see these embossing devices sell for about $20, which I think is pretty cheap. But no matter what the price, it seems pointless and a waste of time and effort. Unless you are a famous author, the stamp doesn't add value to the book, it detracts from it. And anyway, a book's value is enhanced by a famous author's signature, not his embossed stamp. Nothing stopping me from buying an embosser and stamping "From the Library of Ernest Hemingway" in all my books. Doesn't prove Hemingway ever owned my books.

I expect somehow "digital embossers" will appear soon so those of us who own e-books can emboss them with our digital stamp. But who would see the stamp besides me, the owner, so who cares?

Supposedly Apple is working on a way to digitally sign e-books, which seems more useful and exciting.

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