Thursday, June 25, 2015

My Upcoming Novel 'Drone Fever'

My next novel will be Drone Fever. I'm arranging all the scenes and chapters in order now (as usual, not writing from beginning to end in sequence). The word count at the moment is about 70,000 and the finished book will likely be about 80,000.

The story is about a man who develops a strong interest in drones as a hobby. But he becomes nosy and uses his drones to watch his neighbors through their windows. In a house down the block, he sees what might be a murder.

Is he spending too much time on drones instead of his job, and did he see a murder or not? More questions and strange happenings proceed until the final resolution.

I can't compare it to any novel but it reminds me of two movies: Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window and Vertigo. Think of Jimmy Stewart's binoculars replaced by a recreational drone. As for Vertigo, the identity of some of the people in Drone Fever is unclear. Are they who they seem to be or are others pretending to be them for unknown reasons? The genre is Suspense/Thriller I suppose, though I'm always having trouble defining my stories like that.

I expect it to take another month or two. Stay tuned! I think it's the best of anything I've published so far (but they all say that don't they).

After Drone Fever, my next books will be:

Attack of the Manikins
10 people visit a resort island for much-needed rest and relaxation but instead are attacked by manikins. What really happens to the 10 visitors? And who or what are the manikins? I think of this book as a literary novel masquerading as a pulp thriller due to the sensationalistic plot.

The Sucker List
A shady investment company uses a sucker list to contact new clients and drain their bank accounts. But that's where things start. A second sucker list emerges with a different set of names and nobody's gonna bother to call.

The Elevator
A new skyscraper with a shopping mall is built in a small town and everyone attends the grand opening, but the strange security guards and their boss have their own plans for the building and everyone in it. An elevator that seems to be alive and thinks for itself.

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