Thursday, July 16, 2015

New York Times Finally Adds Ted Cruz's Book to Bestseller List

Responding to the firestorm of controversy that erupted after Republican conservative Senator Ted Cruz's book was left off the New York Times' bestseller list, the politically liberal newspaper caved in and the book will appear on their list tomorrow.

Cruz said public pressure led to the decision:
“They don’t want people to read the book, ‘A Time for Truth;’ they left it off and then an amazing thing happened. Number one, they accused me of bulk sales. I said that is a lie. ... Then my publisher Harper-Collins came out and said that is a lie. We have all the sales data. There are no bulk purchases,” the Republican senator told Fox News' Megyn Kelly on Wednesday.
The newspaper, unable to admit politics led to the book's exclusion, said nothing was changed in the selection process:
“This week’s best seller list was arrived at using the same process as last week’s – and the week before that,” said Murphy. “That process involves a careful analysis of data, and is not influenced in any way by the content of a book, or by pressure from publishers or book sellers.”

Without question, this entire episode will continue to raise questions in the public's mind about the Times' journalistic integrity.

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