Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Scribd Dumping Erotica, Romance Titles Must Be a Good Thing

As someone who has never written or read a single Romance or Erotica book, I'm not shedding any tears over the news that Scribd is dumping something like 80-90 percent of the Erotica and Romance novels available at their site, including those written by best-selling authors.

Apparently Romance fans are voracious readers, and Scribd is paying authors and publishers of such novels far more than their business model can sustain. It's not a problem with any other genres.

I've noticed whenever I search a book title in Amazon, the top results come up with book covers of men without shirts and women with their hands on the men's bare chests. The top bestsellers seem to be these types of books. So it's plain to anyone that Romance and smut are what many people are reading.

If these titles are to be reduced and their peddlers paid far less handsomely, I consider it a good thing, because if there are fewer Romance titles around, maybe some of those readers will look elsewhere, to fiction genres where the writing and the plots are far superior.

A problem with self-published authors is that so many writers are doing it; therefore, it's tough to get you and your books noticed, unless you write Romance and Erotica where the public's appetite is so powerful and all-consuming, an author is not in much danger of being ignored. But if you write books with any kind of quality to them, you struggle.

Scribd plans to eliminate Romance/Erotica that are the most popular and have the highest word counts. I blogged recently about writers who write with a certain word count in mind, no matter what, and this is a big reason why some choose to do that--an economic payoff from book subscription services such as Scribd when a lot of readers read all those words. But now Scribd is worrying about how it will make a profit in a world dominated by Romance titles and readers and authors.

If others, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, want to reduce their Romance holdings as well, no tears from me. Imagine all those frustrated Romance readers with noting left to read except different genres such as Science Fiction, Mystery, Literary. Poor things.

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