Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Many Possible Futures of Cafe Patrons

Impossible Cafes #2

I'm often searching for words that don't exist to describe things. The latest example, one word to describe a café habitué. Caféer? Cafénian? Cafénik?

Of the dozens of customers I see in the cafe, will any one of them do something dramatic in their lives? Accomplish a a feat few others do? Can you tell somehow that one of them will stand out from the crowd in some way?

 Every caféer is in search of a dream that may or may not transform into a nightmare. Because dreams aren't easy to catch.

Sometimes when I focus on a person in the cafe, whoever they are and whatever they are doing, the act of attention causes me to see through their current situation, their looks, their likely occupation, and consider their possible futures, as if they are transparent people, through which the future shines.

Will they plant their personal stamp on the world, or in a hundred years will they all be forgotten by all but a few close friends and relatives who don't remember them too well either?

These people seated in the cafe. Which one would someday:

  • Become a billionaire?
  • Pull out a gun and kill a store clerk?
  • Raise a family?
  • Go to Syria and join ISIS?
  • Become a famous novelist?
  • Say I've had enough of DC and go back to the Midwest?
  • Become a singer in a successful band?
  • Die of a drug overdose?
  • Go on a trip to Europe and never come back?
  • Find a career job and stay there for forty years?
  • Buy a Mercedes to impress the neighbors?
  • Go to Vegas and lose a lot of money?
  • Eat dinner in a diner at midnight in a strange city?
  • Pay hundreds of dollars to shake the hand of a celebrity?
  • Buy an 80-inch TV?
  • Donate time and money to a political candidate that wrecks the country?
  • Walk up and down the streets of a trendy neighborhood because that's what everyone else does?
  • Swim across the Atlantic?
  • Take a one-way trip to Mars?

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